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Posted: 20/05/2012

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Start Date: 04/06/2012

Kids, tweens and teens open mic night

Kids Open Mic Night

My, there are some talented youngsters out there. That Birdy is pretty good, and she’s a young’un.

So as a warm up to our mega open mic night later in the evening, we are running a younger version of our weekly open mic night on monday 4th june (thatsĀ  a bank holiday people, so no skipping school for a music event!). All ages and talents are welcome. Each performer will receive a free soft drink too!

So if you want to show off your guitar, singing or musical talent, or you know someone who is hiding a magical singing voice, get them involved. We’re a friendly bunch. Email for more details, or pop in, or give us a buzz. We always fancy a chat.

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